Tipico with new TV Spot

The betting provider Tipico featured some time ago its new promotional port in cooperation with players of FC Bayern Munich and the Jung von Matt agency has been created. Under the slogan “In football everything can happen. Bet?” were the players in absurd situations.

The Spot mediated pure magic and magic on the soccer field. The changing rooms so populated rabbits, young football fans have been enchanted by their stars and the players could be against the side of the square will disappear.

The aim of the campaign of Tipico

Tipico and the creative minds of Jung von Matt wanted this advertisement to run riot and developed a concept and ultimately a campaign, which the fans and players at the same time should be enchanted. The ultimate aim was to the players from another site to show. These should be unconventional and at the same time entertaining set in the scene.

Jan Bolz, the CEO of the Tipico Co Ltd was of the clips very excited and also the cooperation with the Bavaria professionals and creative, Jung von Matt liked him very much. The same was true for the team of Jung von Matt, the betting provider Tipico more than loved. It was one of the customers have been Tipico, many admit and are interested in a creative communication. The clip has been running since the 20. February 2016 at Sky Sport1 and in the send environment of the German Football League. But also every, these stations have the spot on the youtube channel of Tipico admire.
Tipico is the winner in the online voting for the marketing industry service horizon ranked in the online voting “Creation of the Month” in March the spot of Tipico as winner. In total, the Clip 40.6 percent of the User voices and stand at the end at the top of the ranking. On the final day of the voting was a head-to-head race for each click with Audi.

So there was up to the end of the vote on Thursday, 31. March 2016, no clear winner. The Thjnk produced spot for Audi Q-models and Tipico spot of the Hamburg agency Jung von Matt had to end tremble. 3654 horizon readers voted for the TV campaign of the betting provider, 3413 for the car manufacturer from Ingolstadt. The spot for colon cancer prevention the Felix Burda Foundation was with 2339 votes to rank three referred to.

Currently running the winner spot of Tipico with the campaign title “In football everything can happen – bet?” continue to send environment of the Bundesliga on Sky and sport1.