Big Bet World App

Mobile and payment options

on the Big Bet World website has a slight confusion in the payment methods. We are still not all high-end payment methods available. This is also in the representation of the app. A restriction of payment options are available on the app. Therefore, all payment options The website also on the App can be used. What the usability, this will in future be even better in the sense of clarity. In total, over the app more than 8 payment possibilities. A separate restriction of the weekly payment there is about the app. Per week you can via the app or the website of up to 50,000 Euros are paid. In the current betting provider comparison shows this generosity in the payment as positive, what the customer acquisition.

Payment options: VISA credit card, MasterCard credit card, Skrill, Neteller, paysafecard, immediate transfer, mpass, PayPal
fees: No

Usability: optical impression and functionality of server failures are in the previous use of the big bet world app is not known. Since it is a HTML5 version, there is no big bet world app download is required. The app is characterized in particular by the terminal used for the first time design. This is a faster and simpler app navigation possible so that live betting and short firm betting decisions promptly can be placed. If it were up to the optical impression, the app on the outcome of our sports betting apps in comparison loose with the best sports betting apps keep up. Only the number of bets must be in the coming months and years on the level of the best sports betting providers.

Appearance: clear, elegant and sporty design, easy handling
functionality: Innovative Terminal design, no stricter payment limitations

Big Bet World for iPhone and Android: Download or HTML5?

The app is available as a HTML5-Version. Therefore the design of any mobile device with internet enabled browser in the same way. Surveys about the result if this proves more plus point for the big bet world app. The app is as Big Bet world app for iPhone and big bet world app for Android is available. Known are especially big bet world customers interested in a major part of the bet placement on the app. One more reason why big bet world with the design has enough. It remains to be hoped that Big Bet World as quickly as possible to an increase in the number of sports betting offer taken care of.

Mobile version: HTML5
Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, Android, windows phone, Blackberry

conclusion to big bet world app: Successful App, hopefully soon more sports betting offers

the big bet world app can at any time free of charge on a mobile device. For the use of the betting offer is however a prior registration required. Since these are also free of charge, this is not a significant problem. Since the Big Bet World App offer the same content as on the website, the app simply as a stand-alone solution. In the betting bonus comparison cuts of the big bet world bonus by the way with a “very good”.