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Betsson: EM 2016 bets

Those who are convinced to know what the national team in the European Championship 2016 in France as the European champion from the lawns, is at Betsson properly repealed. Here you can get to the own favorite tap and is a 10 Euro risk free bet.

The European Football Championship will take place this year in France from 10. June to 10. July. In total, this time for the first time 24 instead of 16 national teams. Played in six four groups of four teams. This will qualify the groups both first and second as well as the four best groups third for the quarter finals.
With the EM-favorite a risk free bet

than Betsson customer must be with his account with the betting provider login and then receive the risk free bet. There is a choice of a total of 24 teams, since it is an increase of the formerly 16 teams there. Therefore, everyone should find a favorite, tap on the he can. From the eighth place in the EM as usual the knockout phase.

The risk free bet of Betsson is on both the computer and mobile available and is 10 Euro. Per customer, IP address and budget can be used only once. If the risk free bet is set, must be at least a selection of the European Championship. The risk free bet can be up to 10. June 2016 at 21:00.
In this way can the risk be used free bet

if players the risk free bet, you want to use the blue box in the betting slip select, after you have made your bet selection. Free betting and risk-free bets are of the 5-percent tax fee except that are normally in a placed bet is due. The risk free bet is available only on Pre-Match. In order to use it, but the customer must have enough money on the account.

The customer should the bet is lost, Betsson the money without further sales conditions back. If the bet is won but bookmaker Betsson the entire amount, including the use of the bonus. This must then be within 60 days once au sports betting with minimum rates of 1.50. In implementation of the gains is a tax charge of 5 per cent from betting slip disconnected. Who takes part in the action, agrees that Betsson indicates what players take part in the action. Can the name on Betsson blogs and social media sites or other media. Furthermore, the name, initials and photos for advertising purposes.