Big Bet World App

Mobile and payment options

on the Big Bet World website has a slight confusion in the payment methods. We are still not all high-end payment methods available. This is also in the representation of the app. A restriction of payment options are available on the app. Therefore, all payment options The website also on the App can be used. What the usability, this will in future be even better in the sense of clarity. In total, over the app more than 8 payment possibilities. A separate restriction of the weekly payment there is about the app. Per week you can via the app or the website of up to 50,000 Euros are paid. In the current betting provider comparison shows this generosity in the payment as positive, what the customer acquisition.

Payment options: VISA credit card, MasterCard credit card, Skrill, Neteller, paysafecard, immediate transfer, mpass, PayPal
fees: No

Usability: optical impression and functionality of server failures are in the previous use of the big bet world app is not known. Since it is a HTML5 version, there is no big bet world app download is required. The app is characterized in particular by the terminal used for the first time design. This is a faster and simpler app navigation possible so that live betting and short firm betting decisions promptly can be placed. If it were up to the optical impression, the app on the outcome of our sports betting apps in comparison loose with the best sports betting apps keep up. Only the number of bets must be in the coming months and years on the level of the best sports betting providers.

Appearance: clear, elegant and sporty design, easy handling
functionality: Innovative Terminal design, no stricter payment limitations

Big Bet World for iPhone and Android: Download or HTML5?

The app is available as a HTML5-Version. Therefore the design of any mobile device with internet enabled browser in the same way. Surveys about the result if this proves more plus point for the big bet world app. The app is as Big Bet world app for iPhone and big bet world app for Android is available. Known are especially big bet world customers interested in a major part of the bet placement on the app. One more reason why big bet world with the design has enough. It remains to be hoped that Big Bet World as quickly as possible to an increase in the number of sports betting offer taken care of.

Mobile version: HTML5
Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, Android, windows phone, Blackberry

conclusion to big bet world app: Successful App, hopefully soon more sports betting offers

the big bet world app can at any time free of charge on a mobile device. For the use of the betting offer is however a prior registration required. Since these are also free of charge, this is not a significant problem. Since the Big Bet World App offer the same content as on the website, the app simply as a stand-alone solution. In the betting bonus comparison cuts of the big bet world bonus by the way with a “very good”.

Tipico with new TV Spot

The betting provider Tipico featured some time ago its new promotional port in cooperation with players of FC Bayern Munich and the Jung von Matt agency has been created. Under the slogan “In football everything can happen. Bet?” were the players in absurd situations.

The Spot mediated pure magic and magic on the soccer field. The changing rooms so populated rabbits, young football fans have been enchanted by their stars and the players could be against the side of the square will disappear.

The aim of the campaign of Tipico

Tipico and the creative minds of Jung von Matt wanted this advertisement to run riot and developed a concept and ultimately a campaign, which the fans and players at the same time should be enchanted. The ultimate aim was to the players from another site to show. These should be unconventional and at the same time entertaining set in the scene.

Jan Bolz, the CEO of the Tipico Co Ltd was of the clips very excited and also the cooperation with the Bavaria professionals and creative, Jung von Matt liked him very much. The same was true for the team of Jung von Matt, the betting provider Tipico more than loved. It was one of the customers have been Tipico, many admit and are interested in a creative communication. The clip has been running since the 20. February 2016 at Sky Sport1 and in the send environment of the German Football League. But also every, these stations have the spot on the youtube channel of Tipico admire.
Tipico is the winner in the online voting for the marketing industry service horizon ranked in the online voting “Creation of the Month” in March the spot of Tipico as winner. In total, the Clip 40.6 percent of the User voices and stand at the end at the top of the ranking. On the final day of the voting was a head-to-head race for each click with Audi.

So there was up to the end of the vote on Thursday, 31. March 2016, no clear winner. The Thjnk produced spot for Audi Q-models and Tipico spot of the Hamburg agency Jung von Matt had to end tremble. 3654 horizon readers voted for the TV campaign of the betting provider, 3413 for the car manufacturer from Ingolstadt. The spot for colon cancer prevention the Felix Burda Foundation was with 2339 votes to rank three referred to.

Currently running the winner spot of Tipico with the campaign title “In football everything can happen – bet?” continue to send environment of the Bundesliga on Sky and sport1.

bwin: 20 Euro FreeBet

The betting provider bwin currently offers its customers a 20 Euro Free Bet for basketball games. In basketball, entering each week you greatest athletes of the world the courts and as bwin customer can be in the middle of it. The large live betting with a 20 Euro Extra FreeBet lures.

In the current season 2016 can all Bwin customers daily 20 Euro FreeBet, if you have three single bets on basketball games place. The leagues are not the decisive factor. The minimum stake per bet must be at 20 Euros and a minimum quota of 1.80.

With Bwin on basketball games set the promotion is still up to 30. June 2016 at 23:59 pm. Customers can tap to all basketball competitions. The player must be real money bets and must be at least 18 years old. About a 20 Euro FreeBet, the player must in the specified time period 3 bet. It will be evaluated only won betting. The minimum stake per bet must be at 20 Euros and a minimum quota of 1.80.

For this promotion only pay live singles, classic single bets can not count. As well as combined bets and system bets. Betting that with a FreeBet were completed and canceled betting, are also not for a doctorate. On the other hand bets via Web, Tablet or the smartphone are placed, figures for the bwin action. The offer of the betting provider bwin is only valid for real money players. Duplicate accounts for this action can not be taken into account.

Other important terms and conditions

of the players is a freebet worth 20 euros, if 3 bets have been completed and all 3 bets at the same meeting of the promotion period will be evaluated. The Free Bets are processed within 24 hours after the evaluation of the third bet is issued. Then the FreeBets valid for one day. These can then be redeemed for basketball betting. If a player is a FreeBet redeem and win the customer is to be all of the net profits from the FreeBet credited.

Players agree to the participation in the promotion with the general business terms. Should the suspicion that a winner of a fraudulent act is guilty, Bwin and reserve the right to exclude it from the promotion and/or their player account to block until a detailed review was initiated. With the participation of the player declares itself also agree that bwin the nick name of the winner in any promotional activities in connection with this promotion may publish, including the press, Internet, Social Media or other bwin channels.

Betsson: EM 2016 bets

Those who are convinced to know what the national team in the European Championship 2016 in France as the European champion from the lawns, is at Betsson properly repealed. Here you can get to the own favorite tap and is a 10 Euro risk free bet.

The European Football Championship will take place this year in France from 10. June to 10. July. In total, this time for the first time 24 instead of 16 national teams. Played in six four groups of four teams. This will qualify the groups both first and second as well as the four best groups third for the quarter finals.
With the EM-favorite a risk free bet

than Betsson customer must be with his account with the betting provider login and then receive the risk free bet. There is a choice of a total of 24 teams, since it is an increase of the formerly 16 teams there. Therefore, everyone should find a favorite, tap on the he can. From the eighth place in the EM as usual the knockout phase.

The risk free bet of Betsson is on both the computer and mobile available and is 10 Euro. Per customer, IP address and budget can be used only once. If the risk free bet is set, must be at least a selection of the European Championship. The risk free bet can be up to 10. June 2016 at 21:00.
In this way can the risk be used free bet

if players the risk free bet, you want to use the blue box in the betting slip select, after you have made your bet selection. Free betting and risk-free bets are of the 5-percent tax fee except that are normally in a placed bet is due. The risk free bet is available only on Pre-Match. In order to use it, but the customer must have enough money on the account.

The customer should the bet is lost, Betsson the money without further sales conditions back. If the bet is won but bookmaker Betsson the entire amount, including the use of the bonus. This must then be within 60 days once au sports betting with minimum rates of 1.50. In implementation of the gains is a tax charge of 5 per cent from betting slip disconnected. Who takes part in the action, agrees that Betsson indicates what players take part in the action. Can the name on Betsson blogs and social media sites or other media. Furthermore, the name, initials and photos for advertising purposes.